How to Prepare Barbeque Korean

barbeque korean

In Korean culture, grilling meat is a popular way to cook food. In Korea, this process is known as barbeque Korean. There are several different ways to prepare barbeque Korean. Among them are:

Many Korean BBQ restaurants also serve dipping sauce. These are sauces or oils with various seasonings. You can also get kimchi from supermarkets or Korean markets. Its salty, tangy taste is a must-have in Korean cooking. Also, Korean barbecue is not complete without gochujang, a spicy chili sauce, which is commonly used as a condiment. It goes well with almost any dish.

The main rule of korean barbecue is to order according to how much you can finish. For instance, an 8-ounce steak may only be enough for one person. If you plan to cook for more than two or three people, order smaller portions. However, if you have an adventurous appetite, you can order more as you go. Using a chopping board, you can also practice this method at home.

For meat dishes, the deungsim cut of beef is typically used. These cuts have the greatest marbling. On the other hand, sirloin steaks are juicy and tender. You should also try to order banchan for a side dish. Many Koreans serve banchan with their barbecue meal. Besides meat, banchan can include side dishes like vegetables and fruits. You can also order side dishes such as kimchi and Korean-style potato salad.