Barbeque Marinade

barbeque marinade

When you’re looking for a great barbecue marinade, bourbon and sherry are a great combination. Pour the mixture over your meat and seal it in a plastic resealable food bag. Leave the mixture overnight or for as long as 24 hours, depending on the acidity of the marinade. Be careful not to overmarinate as over-marinating can result in tough, bland meat. Using this recipe, you can add a little bit of sauce to every bite of meat or fish.

Make the barbeque marinade by mixing all the ingredients together. Pour the marinade over the chicken evenly. It will taste great grilled or roasted. The chicken can be marinated overnight or the day before, depending on how long you plan to grill it. To make it even faster, marinate it in the refrigerator or freezer for at least one day. Cook the chicken over coals or over a gas stove. It will keep well for a couple of days if you marinate it overnight.

You can find a tahini-based marinade at a grocery store. It’s typically sold in the aisle with bbq sauces and ketchup. Use the sauce to flavor chicken, beef, or veggies. The tropics-inspired marinade is versatile and can be used on almost any type of protein and vegetable. You can even use liquid smoke to flavor vegetables and shrimp. The key to good barbecue sauce is striking a balance between saltiness and flavor.