Barbeque Beef Recipes

barbeque beef

A delicious supper on the barbeque grill is a sandwich filled with delicious shredded barbeque beef. This tasty meat can be served with fries and a tossed salad. A slow-cooker barbeque can be easily made for a family meal. Here are some easy tips to make your barbeque beef. Enjoy! Posted in Barbeque Beef, Recipes

Firstly, the beef itself needs to be chilled before cooking. Once a day before the barbeque, use the refrigerator to chill the beef. Once sliced, place it directly onto the hot barbecue and turn only once to create a caramelized crust. Make sure to rest the beef after cooking to allow the proteins to relax and create a succulent finish. Lastly, barbeque beef goes well with a wide range of sauces.

A slow cooker can be used to cook barbeque beef. You can also cook it in a Dutch oven. In the slow cooker, you can use the LOW setting for eight to 10 hours. After cooking, you can shred the beef with two forks and serve it with your favorite barbecue sauce. Make sure you use enough seasoned flour to avoid it drying out. You can save the remaining liquid to make soup bases or other dishes.

When it comes to barbeque beef, the main factor that determines how much meat it will yield is its cut. The top rump is a great choice for roasting. You can buy it with the fat cover left on, or denude it. If you prefer to use a barbecue tool, a knife will make the cut process much easier. The cut will result in a juicy, tender piece of beef.